4. Find more ways to say poultice, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 0. poultice for wounds and sores. At the same time, if the throat has begun to show signs of being involved, a hot poultice or wet pack is applied to the neck. Menu. Poultice definition, a soft, moist mass of cloth, bread, meal, herbs, etc., applied hot as a medicament to the body. He claims this is bad because "doctors, whatever their errors, seem to do better with most illnesses than faith healers or your Aunt Ginny and her special chicken gut poultice. poultices Sentence Examples. See more. 2. A fascination with the fragrance, shape, color, taste, and texture of plant leaves has led me to study the art of poulticing, which I call “laying on leaves.” Poultices may be applied as hot : 4. A poultice, also called a cataplasm, is a paste made of herbs, plants, and other substances with healing properties. It can also be a porous solid filled with solvent used to remove stains from porous stone such as marble or granite. A poultice, also called cataplasm, is a soft moist mass, often heated and medicated, that is spread on cloth over the skin to treat an aching, inflamed, or painful part of the body. 1. 4. poultice meaning: 1. a piece of cloth covered with a thick, often warm substance, wrapped around an injury to reduce…. The still prevalent use of linseed in poultices for open wounds is entirely to be reprobated. 0. The paste is spread on … 0. poulticing; poultry : 3. Poultice quotes from YourDictionary: And silence, like a poultice, comes To heal the blows of sound. Sentences Containing 'poultice' The Hualapai also use it medicinally; in that they apply a poultice of the woolly "cotton" from the plant to open, bleeding wounds, and the Pima use it as a styptic. Poultice definition: A poultice is a piece of cloth with a soft , often hot , substance such as clay or a... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Sentence Examples. What does poultice mean? 2. Learn more. Another word for poultice. ‘A poultice of unknown contents was applied to the area, with subsequent development of the mass.’ ‘Home remedies consisting of poultices, eye irrigations, teas, etc., are liberally provided and described in detail.’ ‘Her mantle cavity's obviously infected, but those poultices you put on the wounds have probably kept her from dying.’ 2. poultices for painful swellings and tumors. Dictionary ! 1. Interestingly, the local indigenous human population also use a poultice of these leaves for the relief of body pains. Or use a hose to scrub and wash the damp poultice … How to use Poultice in a sentence as a noun. The bran is used for cattle-food and poultices, and the grain in the distillery.